Sunday, 23 October 2016


How to choose the recurve bow for the beginners

We all know that in the past, the people used the bows to hunt or to struggle against their enemies. At present, although they are not used for fighting, they are really famous to many people because of its use of making them stronger not only physically but also mentally….

sport shoes

The Safe Items for Playing Sports

We all know that playing sports is a very effective method to make us stronger and happier. However, there are not few unwanted cases happening in which the players get the injuries seriously; even they make them not be able to play sports again. Therefore, if we play sports in…


Choose walking shoes to prevent heel pain

Go walking is one of the most popular outdoor activities which is preferred by both men and women. In addition to concerning about walking skills, people may also want to know how to choose walking shoes to prevent feet pain, especially heels and toes pain. There are some famous walking…

maintain walking shoes

How to Maintain a Long Healthy Walking for Obese People

Do you love to either go walking or go jogging every morning? If yes, it is recommended to continue your habit constantly. In a recent survey which has been done by a group of students in American university, so many people have the same answer that they know clearly about…

Becoming a good golf course designer

Becoming A Good Golf Course Designer

Several things about golf course designer Like every field of design, golf course design is also both the science and art. To become a golf course designer, you must have the basic knowledge about architecture or civil engineering. So if you have specialization in this field, and you love to…

Become a golf coach

Become A Golf Coach, Why Not?

Golf coach, an interesting career If you love golf and you had experience through a long time playing it, have you ever thought about becoming a professional golf coach? Golf coach is an interesting job if you love this sport, you can stick together and earn money from it by…

hunting rifle

How to choose a hunting rifle

What hunting rifle should the hunter choose? Hunting season is coming, many young hunters will participate their first hunting season with the first weapon so that these tips below may be useful for them to get the best hunting rifle. What are the criteria of the hunter? The criteria which…

Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas And His Moments Of Life!

During career time, Cesc Fabregas scored many goals but the moment that Fabregas scored to Barcelona’ net in the quarter-finals through 2009-2010 in Arsenal color shirt not only brings a touch of excitement to the viewers, but also contains emotions “joy, anger, love, abominable”, the emotion without a single word…

Batistuta-The Lion King only loves purple

Batistuta: ‘The Lion King’ Only Loves Purple

Loyalty in football has always been a sacred quality, one of the top players that makes people remembered because of his loyalty is Gabriel Batistuta, who have worked closely for years with Fiorentina. In prosperous period of Serie A, in the most attractive league in the 90’s planet, there was…


Prepare For Mountain Climbing

If you want to climb a mountain, you need to prepare for yourself necessary things below to be able to conquer the highest peaks. Things to know before climbing Climbing doesn’t mean that you come to the foot of a mountain and start going up it. You need to learn…